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Classes & Workshops

If you are an organization looking for an expert to teach a class on storytelling, comics, writing, creator-owned/licensed projects, or more, contact me!

In this six-week course, famed comics editor and Kickstarter expert Heather Antos guides you through all the necessary and essential steps to creating, launching, and managing a successful Kickstarter project! The road to a fully funded project starts with strategic planning and effective marketing!

This six-week intensive course on Kickstarter is designed specifically with comics and graphic novel projects in mind. The instructor, Heather, has been invited to speak at Kickstarter’s headquarters in Brooklyn, as well as at several comic conventions around the country, about her experience and expertise utilizing the platform to support comics creators and their projects.

In the class, Heather will guide you in developing a real or test Kickstarter project, designing the layout, creating manageable reward levels and goals, and a clear implementation strategy, complete with all the best practices designed to bring out the best in your project and bring out backers!

Space is limited, so don’t delay! Next class starts April 1st—sign up for the course today!

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