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Screencrush News 2022

Video Interviews

SCREENCRUSH: Secret Invasions AI Intro Explained (2023)

SCREENCRUSH: Mandalorian Ep 6 Review (2023)

SCREENCRUSH: Mandalorian Ep 5 Review (2023)

Small Obtainable Goals: An Interview with Heather Antos (2023)

SCREENCRUSH: Mandalorian Ep 4 Review (2023) 
Pop Culture Squad: Women in Comics History Pt. 2 - Editors (2023)

Streaming Star Wars: 2022 Year In Review (2022)

SCREENCRUSH: Why ANDOR Works and The Book of Boba Fett Didn't (2022)

Cult House Podcast Ep. 24: Heather Antos (2022)

SCREENCRUSH: STRANGER THINGS 4: What Worked and What Didn't (2022)

SCREENCRUSH: Is OBI-WAN KENOBI the Best or Worst of Disney Star Wars? (2022)

SCREENCRUSH: OBI-WAN KENOBI - Ending Predictions: The Return of QUI-GON? (2022)

Comic Book Writers on Writing Ep. 11 - Heather Antos (2022)

SCREENCRUSH: Is OBI-WAN KENOBI The Best or Worst of Disney STAR WARS (2022)

Negative Space: Editors Unite Panel (2022)

WonderCon@Home 2021: The Next Big Horror Comic (2021)

Valiant Watch: X-O Manowar w/ Dennis Hopeless & Heather Antos (2020)

NYCC Metaverse: Valiant's Future Revealed (2020)

Creators Assemble! Creative Jobs Spotlight: Heather Antos (2020)

Meeting Comic Editors w/ Heather Antos (2020)

Scott Larson: Interview w/ Heather Antos (2020)

"Crazy" Talk: Mental Health, Pop Culture, and the Pandemic | Comic-Con@Home (2020)

I Freakin' Love Comins: Heather Antos Talks Star Wars, #METOO, and Valiant Comics! (2020)

Valiant Watch: Senior Editor Heather Antos (2020)

Elseworld's Exchange: What Does a Comic Book Editor Do? (2020)

Absolute Comics: Valiant Secrets Revealed?! (2020)

"Crazy" Talk: Mental Health, Pop Culture, and the Future NYCC (2019)

Absolute Comics: Interview with Heather Antos (2019)

The Weekly Pull - Absolute Comics #3 (2019)

Geek Hard: FanExpo Canada with Heather Antos (2019)

WhoDooTV Interview with Heather Antos (2019)

Talkin' Con: A Cup O' Tea With An Englishman in San Diego: Heather Antos (2019)

Geek Out Show: Thrawn (2018)

ABC Livestream: Star Wars (2017)

The Star Wars After Show (2016)

Comicosity's Hangout, Episode 83 (2014)

Kosmic Kasey Interview (2014)

Meet Heather Antos: Producer of EMU TV (2012)

Voice Acting

A Star Wars Story - Mud 79 - Warehouse Pt. 1 (Purge Trooper Red/2020)

The Question: Sins Remembered - Don't Sue Us, Please - Delphi Coffee (Black Canary/2020)

A Star Wars Story - Mud 79 - Bright Lights Pt. 2 (Purge Trooper Berren/2020)

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